Allparts Refinishing is the UK importer and distributor for the PALINAL Yachting brand of refinishing paints. The manufacturer, Palini Vernici, based in Northern Italy, have a marine background as well as other industrial sectors, where they have been making paint for over 80 years.

The PALINAL Yachting range is a complete solution of highly technological and high-performance products for the modern shipyard and boat builder. Simple application with excellent results, with over 90,000 colour options, allow for a vast array of possibilities:

  • Virtually unlimited pastel and effect colours (metalised, pearlescent, xirallic, etc.)
  • Direct glossy enamels and double layer base coat
  • Custom colours can be reproduced using an exclusive Yachting Mix system to recreate sophisticated colours and unusual effects
  • Spectrophotometric colour analysis enables colour research, correction, and testing
  • Small quantities and a “Spot Repair Kit” composed of filler, base and clearcoat, make any repair feasible, quickly and simply.

Our custom filled aerosol offer also allows for any small touch-up work to be carried out either whilst your boat is in the water or dockside. We can make any colour for you in the handy 400ml aerosol cans, plus supply all other items required including primers, clearcoats and consumables.

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