Allparts refinishing are the Southwest Official Stockist for NOVOL for Classic Car range of paint.

An ever-increasing interest in classic cars has been witnessed in recent years. For some, the wish to own an “old timer” is the result of a nostalgic trip down memory lane. For others, it is a way of fulfilling their own passion about cars, or start an enjoyable pastime spent at classic car meets and events.

The restoration of a classic car is significantly different to that of modern-day accident repair materials and processes; therefore NOVOL have developed a dedicated range of products to meet the high demand of classic car enthusiasts and restorers.

NOVOL for Classic Car is a range of technologically advanced products specifically made for all stages of the restoration process. From cleaning and anti-corrosion priming that protects the chassis, subframe and wheel arches through to the main body and the use of fillers, primers, basecoats and clearcoats can be found.