Allparts Refinishing’s dedicated technical team are on hand to provide information and support for any repair, respray or refinishing project or just here for general advice and guidance.

With the constantly evolving world of coatings, the correct application of these products has become more critical than ever. At Allparts Refinishing, we are committed to ensure you achieve the best possible results, meaning it is imperative that appropriate training is given. We believe that by offering this, our customers are rewarded with the fastest and most profitable solutions within their business.

We offer a professional range of technical support on our products, with continual training within the customer’s business, to ensure you are always up to speed with the latest technologies and techniques.

We can provide step by step processes for every type of repair within the automotive, marine, CV and industrial markets, enabling you to achieve the correct knowledge and understanding to guarantee productivity and excellence. We offer:

  • Support across all paint brands
  • Training programs tailored to meet customer requirements
  • Paint system installation with ongoing support
  • New product demonstrations and process support
  • Full repair process reviews
  • Specialist advice and problem solving
  • Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) documentation